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Welcome To ASPIRA Charter Schools

 ASPIRA Charter Schools are leading the charge to transform public education in South Florida and beyond so that all children receive the education they need to be successful in college, leadership, and life. With ASPIRA’s success to date, we are demonstrating that public schools can do a far better job of educating students if they are operated more effectively.

At ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. – Charter School Operations, we believe that a quality education is the driving force and crucial foundation for a successful, well-rounded life.  We also believe that every child is capable of excelling academically, so we are firmly committed to providing the support and resources to help our students understand and realize their potential.  At ASPIRA Charter Schools, dreams are formed, inspiration is fostered and each child is challenged to achieve academic excellence.

ASPIRA Charter Schools are special public schools. All of them have one purpose: to prepare your child for success. The schoolwork is rigorous and challenging. The expectations are higher than normal schools. The schools are small. The rules for kids are strict. The teachers are chosen because they're really good. ASPIRA Charter Schools have the highest test scores in their area.

Every year, interested parents sign their children up for our schools. If you want your child to attend - again, these schools are free - you only need to sign up. As our schools continue to expand, more students are given the opportunity of an ASPIRA education. Take part in this wonderful opportunity. Enrollment begins every January.


ASPIRA Charter Schools – Energizing Students and Developing Leadership Through Education