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ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter: The Story!


The ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School provides students with a safe, culturally sensitive learning environment. It encourages students to develop their academic and personal potential through the ASPIRA Process of Youth Leadership Development and a challenging curriculum. The school encourages teachers, parents, youth and community to work together in creating a sanctuary of knowledge where students strive to achieve academic excellence.

As a result of the cultural diversity of the Wynwood, Northwest and Northeast Miami communities, the ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School is sensitive to the historical contributions of all groups. The school is non-sectarian and non-discriminatory in its programs, admission policies, employment practices and operation. The ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School does not charge tuition for attendance to the school. Furthermore, the ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School encourages the development of its students to reach their academic and personal potential. The school implements its educational and related programs setting forth the school’s curriculum, instructional methods, and many distinctive instructional techniques to be used. It creates an environment that encourages the students to improve as well as increase their own potential, by focusing on the educational strengths and needs of the students.

Points of Interest About ASPIRA Arts DE/CO:

pitirreASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School is located in the Wynwood Art and Design District community within the City of Miami;
pitirreASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School has been in existence since the 2001-2002 academic school year;

 pitirreThe majority of the student population is first or second generation immigrants and represents many Caribbean and Central and South American countries;


pitirreEach of our school based leaders has had success improving student achievement;


pitirreAverage attendance rate for students is 96% in comparison to the district’s 92% and is comparable to the state average of 96%;


pitirreThe school's environment provides clear guidelines for a safe, orderly, and discipline school climate to ensure continuous educational achievement;


pitirreGraduation rate into the high school is at 98% (well above the district and state rate);


pitirreThe ethnically and culturally diverse community surrounding the school provides a myriad of opportunities to positively impact students and the community;
The ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School serves over 400 students, sixth to eighth graders whose parents have chosen to leave the traditional environment for a smaller teacher-student ratio environment.


In the last six years the school has sent students to the following schools:
• MAST Academy
• Design & Architecture Senior High
• Coral Reef Senior High
• William H. Turner Technical High 
• Coral Gables Senior High IB Program

Academic Programs:
Besides the general core courses (language arts, math, science, social studies), academic programs available at the school include the Leadership Program, Exceptional Student Education Program, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Middle School Acceleration through High School Algebra and Biology, Florida Virtual School, honor courses, advanced courses, career/research courses, music courses, physical education, and Spanish, among others.
Special Programs:
The school offers several specialized programs such as:
  • ESE program
  • ESOL program
  •  Electives such as Critical Thinking Skills, Music, Art, and Spanish
  • Saturday Academy (FSA preparation for low performing students
  • After School Tutoring and Sports Activities
  • Basketball (Boys and Girls)
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer (Boys and Girls)
  • Dance
  • Cheerleading
  • Chess Club
  • Music Group Club
  • An advanced academics academy (A LIFETIME)
  • Gifted program
  • School-To-Career curriculum
  • Award winning art program
  • Spanish and German language programs

ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School will continue to encourage students to develop their academic and personal potential through the ASPIRA Process of Youth Leadership Development.