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ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Student Services

The step from elementary school to middle school can often be a confusing and sometimes even a frightening experience.  The middle school counseling staff understands these feelings and is prepared to offer assistance.

Our primary Student Services mission at ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School is to guide our students with the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and values --this in an effort to better enable students to achieve success in today’s world.  Such learning cannot take place while personal and academic problems are foremost in their mind.  The counseling staff is here to help with the concerns students may have as middle school students.  They will not make decisions for students, but will help them get information and encourage them to think through their decisions.  Following are some areas of concern that are commonly addressed our middle school students:

Academic Development

  • Developing internal academic motivation
  • Developing good study skills
  • Developing a sense of the future and how to learn more effectively
  • Exhibiting problem-solving skills

School Grades 2010 – 2016

2016       C

2015       D

2014       D

2013       C

2012       B

2011       C

2010       B

Comparability School Data
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Conflict Resolution Designee
Juanita Secor
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Personal/Social Development

  • Developing self and social self-concept
  • Understanding and developing peer relationships
  • Exhibiting positive attitude toward school, family, and self
  • Learning to communicate with parents
  • Understand physical, emotional, and intellectual growth & development
  • Learning to cope with life’s pressures, challenges, defeats, and successes
  • Learning to deal with ongoing changes in personal and academic life

Peer Mediators

Here at ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School, students are learning how to focus on the problem, not each other, to own their feeling, and to actively listen to another’s point of view.  How is this happening? This positive way to resolve problems is through a new program, CONFLICT MEDIATION.  Students are being trained to work as peer mediators and help empower other students to solve their own problems.  Schools that teach students positive ways to resolve conflicts are aiding in the reduction of violence in our society.  Children who learn at an early age to solve conflicts in a positive manner are more likely to do so as adults. 

Student Assistance Program

 The purpose of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to allow students to be as successful as they can be by fostering resiliency and addressing issues which may interfere with a student’s educational success.  The program provides preventative services as well as services to youth already experiencing difficulty related to anger management/violence, tobacco use, or drug and alcohol abuse (either theirs or that of friends and/or family members).  A variety of educational groups are offered to include preventative life skills, anger management, drugs and alcohol, smoking cessation, grief, and groups focusing on family changes or families where alcohol, or drug use is occurring.  Students enter the program either by a self-referral or by the referral of a family member, concerned peer, or school personnel.  Each referral is handled in confidence to assure privacy of both the student and the person making the referral.

Career Development

  • Understanding decision-making skills
  • Learning to cope with transition in school, home, and community lives
  • Becoming informed about alternative education and vocational choices and preparation for them
  • Relating personal interests to broad occupational areas
  • Understanding and using communication skills
  • Learning human conflict management with adults and peers
  • Learning that sex role stereotyping, bias, and discrimination limit choices, opportunities & achievement

ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School is committed to meeting the needs of students and helping each student deal more effectively with personal and academic challenges.  A counseling program is an integral part of a school’s total educational program.

The focus of ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School’s counseling program is prevention, intervention and promotion of self.  This is achieved in part through the teaching of life skills such as decision-making, problem solving, and conflict resolution.


 A medical and nursing professional is on the ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School campus throughout the day.  The professional is a resource person and provides services which include:

  • Emergency situations
  • Chronic or serious illness
  • Contagious diseases
  • Health education
  • Promotion of positive health habits
  • Medication supervision
  • Prescribed health care procedures
  • Immunization procedures




The Agenda is a student organizer that also contains the Student Handbook so students have the calendar, schedules, staff, and policies and procedures of ASPIRA Arts DE/CO Charter School readily available.


Field Trips


Field Trips are planned throughout the year to support classroom activities.  Students are expected to participate and families are responsible for additional costs.  In addition, trips are planned to take advantage of special art exhibits, museum, and theater events.