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RAM Student Services

School Grades 2010 – 2016

2016       D

2015       D

2014       D

2013       D

2012       C

2011       B

2010       C

School Comparability School Data
WLN 6020

Conflict Resolution Designee
Melissa Davidson
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RAM School Supplies List

  • 6 composition notebooks. No tearing out pages (handwriting, Writing Journal, Notes for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.)

  • 3 Ring binder "Trapper Keeper" with zipper & paper for homework and classwork.

  • 6 duo-tang folders to keep handouts from each class organized

  • Book bag

  • Paper

  • #2 Pencils with erasable tops

  • Pens erasable (black or blue)

  • 1 green pen for corrections

  • Ruler protractor etal for math

  • 2 highlighters

  • Graph paper

  • Sharpener with cap

  • 1 set of color pencils

  • Calculator for 7th and 8th grade onl

  • Dictionary or Thesaurus

  • Student's daily planner - AGENDA - is to be used for home communication.

  • Library book for silent reading (weekly

  • Uniforms with mandatory school logo. Uniform shorts or uniform pants must wear belt and tuck-in shirt.

  • No "Dickies" short or pants allowed

  • No cargo pants

  • No white out

  • No permanent markers

  • No CD players, MP3 players, I-POD's allowed

  • Cell phones used is not allowed during school hours. All cell phones need to be turned off and put away.