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Facility Master Plan

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ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.

Facility Master Plan

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to promoting and fostering the social advancement among first generation college bound, economically disadvantaged and other youth.

ASPIRA’s roots are embedded in the Puerto Rican community and serves as an example of a multiethnic, inclusive process for youth empowerment.

Geographic and Facility Expansion: ASPIRA’s Business Plan

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., continues to develop and promote educational reform through innovations in the development of charter schools, pre-college awareness programs, and prevention and intervention services. ASPIRA is now ready to introduce the next cycle of its business plan. In upcoming years, ASPIRA will pursue a strategic plan to meet the growing educational and developmental needs of youth.

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., is seeking financing for three charter school facility construction programs in Miami-Dade County, Florida. This plan will increase ASPIRA’s capacity to serve an additional 900 middle school students yearly, raising enrollment to 1,800 students. Upon completing all construction phases, the three community education campuses will triple ASPIRA’s square footage to over 155,000 SF with nearly 6 acres of prime South Florida Miami-Dade County real estate.

ASPIRA is engaged in creating an educational environment that will produce positive outcomes by raising FCAT scores, improving student achievement, increasing school attendance, improving student behavior, and promoting parental involvement for our students and their families.

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., is a non-profit and tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 corporation, associated with the ASPIRA Association, Inc., in Washington, D.C. and its other associates and affiliates. ASPIRA ® and the ASPIRA Logo El Pitirre are registered trademarks of the ASPIRA Association, Inc.

ASPIRA Goals and Organizational Objectives:

The goal of ASPIRA is to empower the Puerto Rican/Latino community through the education and leadership development of its youth. Central to this goal are five major organizational objectives designed to prepare our youth as the future leaders of our community.

  1. To increase the high school graduation rate among Puerto Rican, Latino and other minority youth.

  2. To increase the access to postsecondary education opportunities among low income, First Generation College bound Latinos and other minority youth.

  3. To develop the leadership potential of the youth and foster a commitment to dedicate their skills to the advancement of the community.

  4. To motivate, orient and assist the youth in their intellectual, personal and cultural development through educational advisement and other related services.

  5. To advocate for greater access to quality education and leadership opportunities and programs.

Youth Governance & Structure:

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., uses an educational peer culture model known as the ASPIRA Club System. The ASPIRA staff throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties recruit youth at school sites or community neighborhoods to organize an ASPIRA Club.

Each ASPIRA Club meets weekly and operates under parliamentary procedures. The youth elect peer representatives as officers of the club. The officers of each club meet monthly to join and form the ASPIRA Club Federation (ACF).

ACF representatives participate in a statewide youth summit and comprise the ASPIRA Club Federation of Florida (ACFF).

The President and Vice President of the ACFF are members of the ASPIRA State Board of Directors. The ACFF President and the Chairperson of the State Board are Directors of the National Board of the ASPIRA Association, Inc., based in Washington DC.

The club members are referred to as Aspirantes and emerge from the ranks of the unmotivated and under-educated as well as academically talented.


ASPIRA of Florida, Inc.

Youth Leadership Development Charter Schools



13300 Memorial Highway, North Miami, Florida 33161
Enrollment: 600 Students
Grades 6 – 8
Projected Opening: August 18, 2008
Projected Cost: $7.5 Million
50,000 Square Feet
2.5 Acres

1 NE 19th Street, Miami, FL 33147
Enrollment: 400 Students
Purchase and Phase I:
Life Safety & Cafeteria
Cost – $6 Million
Phase II:
 Renovations Master Plan
New Enrollment: 600 Students
$1 Million – 58,000 Square Feet