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Our programs are grouped in 2 major categories:
  1. Youth Leadership Charter Schools
  2. Youth Leadership Development/Outreach (YLD)

ASPIRA of Florida develops the leadership capacity of its youth by engaging them in weekly leadership club meetings guided by a curriculum designed to develop cultural and self awareness, as well as critical thinking and social skills. This is known as the ASPIRA Process of Leadership Development. ASPIRA of Florida provides youth with a variety of leadership development opportunities by hiring young professionals who can relate to the needs of our youth, and provide educational services in a culturally competent and youth-focused manner.

ASPIRA of Florida Educational philosophy includes:


Validating the benefits of being bilingual/multicultural adult and promoting acquisition of values and skills necessary to communicate effectively across cultures;


Setting rigorous academic standards and high expectations for all students;


Involving students and their families in the school planning and decision-making process;


Empowering students and their families to make significant contributions to their community;


Providing learning experiences essential to success in the twenty-first century;


Emphasizing teaching and positive values that improve students’ learning capacity;


Highlighting values of self-reliance, team work, and service, and the development of fundamental disciplines such as reading, writing, and mathematics;


Stressing science and technological knowledge;


Process skills to close educational gaps youth have had due to the quality of their school experience.

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