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About: Youth Leadership Development/Outreach

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. is a community based organization dedicated to youth leadership development. ASPIRA of Florida is currently in its 28th year of providing community based guidance, counseling and leadership development opportunities to young people. Services are conducted through the ASPIRA Club System and facilitated by an ASPIRA counselor. Utilizing a school and community based approach, club meetings are held on a weekly basis. Curriculum instruction includes an educational and skills development component as well as individual academic and personal advisement. Students are identified and recruited directly from school computer profiles of potential dropouts, as well as from school counselors, teachers, parents, juvenile court and fellow peers. ASPIRA has also developed program initiatives in the areas of youth gang avoidance, drug prevention, alternative middle school education, community service, mentoring opportunities and charter schools.

This past program year 2007-2008, ASPIRA recruited 2609 students; 95% stayed in school that year and did not drop out, of the 172 graduating seniors, 91% enrolled into post-secondary institutions.

The previous program year (2006-2007) ASPIRA recruited 2127 students; 97% were encouraged to stay in school and did not drop out; of the 179 graduating seniors, 94% enrolled into post secondary institutions.

ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. currently operates in three counties: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.