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ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. - Palm Beach County Division

ASPIRA Palm Beach, a division of ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., is a community-based youth organization. Operating in Palm Beach County since 1996, ASPIRA'S mission is "To empower the Puerto Rican, Latino and other communities through advocacy and the education and leadership development of its youth." The basic philosophy of ASPIRA is the belief that school, parents, youth, and community must interact to bring about positive results. ASPIRA'S goals are to develop their leadership potential, to develop their skills to the advancement of the community, to motivate, orient and assist youth through counseling and educational services, to advocate for greater access to quality education, leadership programs and other opportunities.

The ASPIRA Clubs are educational peer culture models organized and facilitated by Advisors at school sites. The Advisors follow a curriculum that includes educational, leadership, anti-violence and skill development components. ASPIRA utilizes an educational peer culture model known as the ASPIRA Club system. The ASPIRA Clubs meet on a weekly basis, operate under parliamentary procedures, and elect peer representatives as officers of the clubs.

ASPIRA in Palm Beach County provided many activities, workshops, events and conferences that allowed ASPIRANTES (ASPIRA program participants) to become involved with their community as well as educating them about their environment and how their daily habits effect the world around them.  ASPIRANTES volunteered for many community service projects including Locks of Love, Quantum House, Feeding South Florida and environmental clean up projects. This year's Youth Award Ceremony was planned, implemented and hosted completely by the youth in our program.

ASPIRA operates 13 school leadership clubs, 1 college club, a parent child home program. healthybeginningsASPIRA also implements a Parent Child Home Program under the Healthy Beginnings System that served 78 Hispanic and other children ages 22 - 42 months throughout Palm Beach County.  This program is designed to provide 46 weeks of in- home literacy services that provide books and toys for the families.  The program goals are to promote  parent child bonding and to have children ready to learn when entering kindergarten. To learn more about the Parent Child Home Program as well as the Healthy Beginnings please click on the picture above and it will take you to the Children's Services Council - Healthy Beginnings.

ASPIRA in Palm Beach ended its program year with the following successes: 
462 youth and families were served; 10,564 one-on-one services performed; 3,451 hours of direct services performed; 99% were either promoted or graduated from school; 0% of ASPIRANTES dropped out of school; and 
96% of 25 High School seniors enrolled into a post secondary educational institution and 4% enrolled into the military.

ASPIRA received funding from the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, The City of West Palm Beach, Comcast Foundation, Prime Time Palm Beach Countyand the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County to operate its programs.