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Welcome To YLD Operations

ASPIRA of Florida is dedicated to developing educated and community-conscious Puerto Rican, Latino and other minority youth. Leadership development services include counseling, tutoring, academic and career advisement, advocacy and drug awareness education, as well as charter education schools and youth sanctuary centers.
Monday – Friday (excluding legal holidays)
9:00am – 5:00 p.m.

All clients of ASPIRA of Florida, Inc. are entitled to courteous, confidential and professional treatment. In addition, all individuals receiving services from ASPIRA have specific rights as outlined below. These rights include to:
• Be treated with consideration and respect for personal dignity, autonomy and privacy
• Receive service in a humane setting which is the least restrictive feasible as defined in the program
• Consent to or refuse any service (a parent/guardian may consent or refuse any service on behalf of a minor client)
• A written program of services that address the client’s social and economic needs, as well as one which specifies the provision of appropriate and adequate services, as available, either direct or by referral
• Active and informed participation in the program
• Be advised of any photographs or video taken
• Confidentiality of communications and of all personally identifying information within the limitations and requirements for disclosure of various certifying and/or funding sources, state or federal statutes, unless a release of information is specifically authorized by the client, parent/ guardian of a minor client
• Have access to written agency policies and procedures for viewing or obtaining copies of personal records
• Not be discriminated against in the provision of service on the basis of religion, race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, lifestyle, physical or mental handicap, developmental disability
• Know the cost of services, if any
• Be fully informed of all rights
• Exercise all rights without reprisal in any form including continued and uncompromising access to services
• Have oral and written instruction for filing a grievance.

Any client (or parent/guardian) who believes that their rights have been violated may file a grievance (see Participant Formal Resolution Procedure). Information about filing a grievance is also available from any staff member, their supervisor, Program Director, and/or Human Resources Director. The client (or parent/ guardian) may contact the ASPIRA corporate office during regular business days/hours (Monday – Friday, excluding legal
holidays, and between 9:00am – 5:00 p.m.).


It is the best interest of the relationship between staff and participants that complaints made by the participants and/or their parent/guardian should be resolved informally between the foregoing and the staff member. When the involved parties are unable to resolve an issue with the staff member, the following resolution may be initiated by the participant and/or parent/guardian:

STEP 1 The participant and/or parent/guardian should speak with that staff member’s immediate supervisor, preferably within fi ve (5) business days, and explain the issue.
STEP 2 The immediate supervisor will hold a meeting with the staff member and the participant and/or parent/guardian to resolve the issue within ten (10) business days.
STEP 3 Should no resolution be reached, a fi nal meeting will be held with the next level supervisor or designee, the immediate supervisor, the staff member and the participant and/or parent/guardian. Further review of the facts may be undertaken to resolve the issue. A written decision will be provided to the participant and/or parent/guardian within ten (10) working days of the meeting.
STEP 4 Only if the participant and/or parent/guardian is not satisfied with the resolution should the issue proceed to this final step. The participant and/or parent/guardian will send a written notice to the President/CEO or designee will meet with all parties involved and provide a timely written response.

At any time during this procedure, the participant and/or parent/guardian has the right to resolve the issue by more informal means.